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About Us

Diversified Underwriters Services, Inc. is a nationally recognized Marketing Organization whose roots date back over 40 years. Operating throughout the United States, Diversified is committed to serving and supporting you, the Financial Planner, Professional Insurance Agent and Stockbroker.


Just as you have identified that you are accountable to your client first, Diversified has determined that we are accountable first and foremost to you, the Financial Services Professional.


Financial Services Professionals serve their clients by understanding their needs and providing personal service, technical competence and competitive products. Diversified serves as your resource, thereby enhancing your professional client relationship while expanding your competitive stance.


Marketing insurance products into the millennium to the educated consumer, in tandem with other professional advisors, requires an ever increasing degree of skill. Skills are essential in carrier selection, product performance, and innovative concepts to assist the consumer in their attainment of prescribed goals.


The ability to access information quickly and accurately in the insurance and financial services arena has become a major factor in the pursuit of professional excellence.


Our Mission

At Diversified Underwriters Services, Inc. our mission is to develop, maintain, and provide a “hands-on” delivery approach of personal service, technical competence and competitive products for our client, the Financial Services Professional. Diversified strives to place our producers and their clients in the best possible position to succeed in every situation. We believe that dependable service is the key to building and maintaining strong relationships.


Preferred Producers Program

At Diversified Underwriters Services, it is our pleasure to work with all Financial Planners, Insurance Agents and Stockbrokers. Over the years, our clients have included a variety of producers independents, affiliated and agents who are involved in other financial services. We created our Preferred Producers Program to give exclusive benefits and substantially enhanced commissions to the producers who are willing to make a production commitment.


Our Preferred Producers have access to a portfolio of nationally recognized companies offering a wide assortment of competitive products and substantially enhanced commissions. This extensive and varied portfolio offers the freedom to analyze each client’s situation with regard to the appropriateness of product without bias. We constantly monitor and update these companies as opportunities arise.

Preferred Producers also have access to our entire brokerage portfolio whether Standard or Impaired Risk. Preferred Producers can also combine your production with any of our companies to satisfy the Preferred Producer Contract.

Additional Preferred Producer Benefits:

  • In-House Impaired Risk Underwriters at your disposal
  • Coordinator/expeditor to handle any inquiry
  • Estate Planning/Advanced Sales Division
  • Products, supplies and licensing for all states
  • Total Case Processing From Initial Underwriting to Policy Delivery
  • One Source for all Case Inquiries Via Toll Free Lines
  • Online real-time status reports available on all pending cases
  • Conventions in Exotic Locations
  • Ongoing marketing and educational support

Categories of producers

Independent Producers:

As an Independent Producer, you are not affiliated with a primary carrier. Instead, you survey the market to obtain the best product solution for your clients. DUS is your multi-carrier resource for simplifying a complex process.

Captive/Affiliated Agents:

Although you may have a carrier you consider your primary source, often your clients request products not manufactured by that carrier or require underwriting the primary carrier won’t deliver. In addition, larger cases often require carrier diversification. DUS offers you a wide range of alternate markets.

Agents Involved in Other Financial Services:

Many life insurance sales are consummated by other financial service professionals such as property and casualty agents, stock brokers, financial planners, CPAs, etc. If you fall into this group, you’ll find that Diversified’s personalized marketing/administrative services are especially critical in closing life insurance sales and more fully serving your client’s needs.

Participation Criteria & Production Requirements

There are three levels in Diversified’s Preferred Producer Program:The Preferred Level, The Preferred Plus and the Platinum Level

  • Minimum production in order to maintain membership in Diversified Underwriters Services entry level Preferred Producer Program is only a combined total of $24,000 of paid annualized commissionable life premium. This breaks down to $2,000 of paid premium per month.
  • Combined production with any of Diversified’s extensive portfolio of companies will satisfy your Preferred Producer membership requirement.

Preferred Producers Membership Qualifications

Producers wishing to become members of Diversified’s “Preferred Producer Program” may qualify for membership in either of the following two ways:

  1. By paying for life cases with a minimum (for entry level) combined total of $6,000 in paid Annualized commissionable premium during a 3 month (Quarterly) period. (These cases may be written with any of Diversified’s extensive portfolio of companies)…or
  2. By providing production records showing a minimum of 12 paid cases with a combined total of $100,000 in paid annualized commissionable life premium during the preceding twelve months.
  • If a producer is ceded into the Preferred Producer Program by virtue of his/her previous production records, then he/she must be producing at their assigned level of production by the end of the second quarter. (i.e. The entry level preferred producer must have paid cases with a combined annualized commissionable premium of $6,000 by the end of the second quarter for the entry level. Substantially higher production requirements are necessary for the Preferred Plus and Platinum Levels.)
  • A Preferred Producers’ production will be based on a rolling twelve months. Each contractual quarter production will be reviewed by looking at the four previous quarters paid annualized commissionable premium. Based on the quarterly review, if a producer is not producing at the minimum production for their assigned level, then Diversified will give the producer an additional quarter to get their production back to the required level (on a cumulative basis).
  • In addition to the above requirement, a Preferred Producer must maintain a minimum placement ratio of 70% in order to retain Preferred Producer membership.
  • Annuity production will count as 2.5% of premium towards the Preferred Producer Program requirement.

How To Do Business with DUS

As a financial advisor and small business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to run your business more efficiently. An efficiently run business leads to more sales and more freedom for you to do what you want to do. Our experienced Contracting & Licensing and Commissions specialists removes the hassle of processing and follow up, giving you the free time to discover new opportunities and close more sales.

  • Contracting and Licensing: Our licensing team provides you everything you need to get contracted with a single licensing kit that is easy to complete, while our licensing specialists ensure a smooth process from start to finish.
  • Commissions: Our responsive and knowledgeable commissions team ensures that you receive your compensation in an accurate and timely manner and can address any questions or concerns you have throughout the process.